Raw material

Day 5: Raw material. So, for today’s prompt my raw material is these embroidery threads.

I brought these embroidery threads from my mother’s place.. my mother love hand embroidery and so do i..

I have posted about day 3 and 4 on instagram as i had only pictures.

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Day:2 = Workspace

31 day photo challenge

This is my workspace, my happy place. Everyday we are learning and growing. I spend most of my time here teaching, creating, making, sewing, exploring new designs and ideas. I love what i do and enjoy my work.

My favourite product

Day 1: Your favourite product.

Hello everyone,

Here’s a little description about what i do… i run a sewing school, also have a small boutique in which we create beautiful customised clothes…

I enjoy making creative stuff out of waste material like wooden blocks, scrap fabrics, cardboard etc. I am good at art and sketching too.

I have many fav. Products from my sewing and design studio.. but this dress in the picture and that frame, both are my most favourite products.

This frame is made out of waste cardboard and waste papers… and i have put it at the front wall of my boutique.

Isn’t it looking nice??

Sanitary Pad Pouch

Hey, how r u?

I’ve been little busy for a while with my sewing and design studio. Writing a blog post after a long – long time..

Look what i made today. “A sanitary pad holder” or you can call it “A sanitary pad pouch”.

I saw the idea on pinterest a year back and today i thought to give it a try. Made this pouch out of scrap fabric that was lying in a box in my sewing studio. And i am quiet happy with what i made. I painted the eyes on it with a white acrylic colour.

Actually, it is a very useful pouch. You can put your sanitary pad in it and keep it in your handbag or backpack. And moreover your sanitary pad will stay clean among a lot of things in your handbag.

Do you have a sanitary pouch? I am going to make a lot more cool designs of the same.

You can buy from us.. or you can join our sewing classes and learn to sew a lot more cool stuff.

Stay happy,


Wondering and worrying at night

It’s 3:30 a.m. and I am unable to sleep. My husband made me watch that stupid horror movie. Now I am scared. 

I am worried too. I have to wakeup early in the morning tomorrow for gym. I was unable to go to the gym for whole week. May be more that that coz of rains. It always rain at the time of gym. I’m worried coz I need to lose weight and not able to mend my eating habits. Unable to quit sugar. I want to be skinny again. I want to wear all those pretty clothes that I used to wear 3 years back.

I have itchy eyes during rains. I wonder when will the rains be over. It’s so slippery everywhere. I like rains but this time it’s been many days that it has been raining. And now I m hating it. I m unable to go to gym or shopping or anywhere.

I’m worried coz next month I’m going to open my sewing and design studio. I have loads of things to do. I wonder what kind of customers will be there. I don’t like people who fight and argue. Will I be able to make their perfect fitting clothes?  Will they be satisfied? I’m tensed now. I am missing my mom nd dad.I wish if they would be here with me in Lucknow. It would have been easier for me then.

Also I am feeling hungry. Want to eat something really nice but don’t know what. Even Maggi is out of stock. Just ate a 2-3 biscuits with water.

I wonder why I am not feeling sleepy. I was really tired and super sleepy when I was making dinner. But now… There r lots of things going in my head. 

Oh god, I need to sleep.

OOTD – Polkadot with plaids

I am in love with polka dot these days. But plaids are my all time favorite.​ Here i am wearing Black Polka dot kurti with red plaid/checks waist coat… Paired with red Patiala-shahi salwar.. This is one is my favorite outfit.. I always love wearing patialashahi salwar suits on a casual day.

Black and white combined with red. I like it.

I’ve not accessorised or put any makeup because it’s too hot and humid here in Lucknow. Uff…ye chip chip garmi..

Outfit details :

Salwar, kurta and waistcoat/koti – sewn by me. 

Shoes – stelletoes, Delhi. Oh, I love my black heels. They are very comfortable.

Contact or DM me if u want to get the similar dress in customised fitting.

Doodle and my Jeans

Okay, finally a new post after a long time. I’ve been busy doing some projects and other important stuff.
Well, a few days back i did doodling on my  jeans. I want to draw some more stuff on my jeans but had idea blockage in  my mind. So, here are some pictures. 🙂

 All i use was the white fabric paint and a 1 no. brush to doodle on my old jeans.


 Isn’t it cool?
 A cute dog 😉
 and a skull :O

Hope you like it..

Maggi with a twist

Do you like Maggi noodles? I simply love it and can have it any time. The recipe which I am going to share today, i learned it from my mom.

Give your Maggi a healthy twist. Try making it my way. Below is the recipe with pictures. I am making it for one person only…  And that’s me. Heheee 🙂


One packet of Maggi, one small chopped onion, one small potato, half small carrot, a fist full of green peas, one small tomato, and coriander as much you like. Cut/ chop your vegetables the way you want.


Now, let’s start making it. Take some oil in a pan and add a pinch of jeera when the oil is hot.


Then add onion immediately.


Cook onion for 3 mins. Then add a pinch of garam masala, 2-3 pinches of salt, one pinch of red chilly powder, and 4-5 pinched of coriander powder. ( *pinch made with thumb and two fingers 😉 )


Now add chopped tomato and cook it for 2 mins.


Add all the chopped vegetables except green coriander.


And cook it on low flame for 10-12 mins, covered with lid, till all the vegetables are cooked.


Now add 1.5 cups of water into it + 1 maggie + 1pkt. Maggi masala provided with maggi.


Cook it oh high flame till the water disappear. Add chopped coriander.


Turn the cooked Maggi into a bowl and enjoy.


I am sure you will love it.

Do share your views and your style of Maggi recipe.