Hello Friends,

You know what? It’s my passion to create cool and unusual home decor items out of junk. A few days back i went to my Aunt’s house and brought some plain wooden square pieces from her place, which were kept aside to throw away. (Some wooden work was going on at her place.) I always save such kind of things for future projects. 😉

These wooden square pieces have rough sides & surface and i am loving it in that way only. Rough surface is giving it a different and unique look. I simply draw the design and painted them with bold colours with bold black outline. And in the end coated them with Varnish to make them water proof.

And they are ready 🙂 
Have a look.

 “WOOD” you like to join me for a cup of Tea?
Do you like this Funky Family? 😀

They are approx. 4.5″ square and approx. 1/4″ to 1/5″ thick.Set of 4.
You can use them as a coaster or can put on your wall to decorate. If you are interested in buying these then pls. contact me:- fashionandsomethingindian@gmail.com

I hope you like it 🙂
Enjoy your day!

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