Hello everyone,

“Kanjak” or “Kanya poojan” is basically worshipping womanhood through the little girls. It is celebrated in north India on the eighth or ninth day of Navratri. We celebrated it on the 9th day. Poori, Halwa, and Black Chana was prepared. 9 girls who have not attained puberty are invited to the house. We wash and clean their feet, feed them with Halwa, poori & chana and then shower them with gifts.

When I was a little kid I wanted to be around my mother all the time. And during Kanjak I never used to go to anybody’s house. I don’t know why but i was always filled with fear. I used to hold my Mother’s Dupatta/ Pallu all the time and follow her where ever she goes.

And now when I see little girls dressed up in new clothes and receiving gifts and money on this day… I wish if I could be a kid again. I remember eating Halwa, Poori and Chana on this day.

Well, Below are some pictures of how we celebrated kanjak at my home. 🙂

Table…. all set with goodies

Halwa, Poori and Black Chana… Tasty Food…. Everyone’s favorite.

Happy kids

Some more happy and shy kids/kanya

And that’s me.. serving food 🙂

Save Girls,
Happy Navratri
Happy Dusshera
Have a great day

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