Hello Dear Friends,

Hope everyone is doing well this winter season. Well, i LOVE winters but this time winter is causing me pain. I m not feeling well for last one month. I m having severe back ache. And the medicines which i am taking for this ache causing pain in my stomach. 😥 I hate being sick.

I had so many plans for the last month but could do nothing. And the most depressing part was i went for shopping for a mood change and wanted to buy a nice fitted jeans and didn’t found one. I hate those fancy washes on denims. They look stupid. And sometimes those washes makes your thighs look fat. :/

I also wanted to join gym but because of this pain that started exact one day before the joining, i didn’t. 😦 That was frustrating. I am gaining weight slowly. I don’t wanna look de-shaped and fat.

Things are not happening the way i wanted to.

2 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Hi dear… did u get yourself checked?? Do some back excercise, the back pain heels slowly…and in winters, it takes even more time…don’t worry, you will be fine soon! Oh..dont worry for shopping…you get well soon and be on your toes by dec last ….so that you can shop even more during the sale time! ☺ take care!


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