Happy New Year everyone!!


It’s raining here since morning and I’m not loving it. I hate Winter + Rain. Hate this combination. And, because of rain i am not going anywhere and decided to stay at home and make my New Year Resolutions.

#1. This year i am going to limit my Tea intake. Usually i have a lot of tea.. like 3-4 cups in the morning then one cup after i take bath , then one cup after lunch or instead of lunch sometimes…;) and it goes on…. and i end up having 6-7 cups of tea a day… So, my #1 goal is to limit my tea intake.. that is one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening.

#2. Limit sugar intake, Junk food and sodas.

#3. Save money.

#4. Get organized.

#5. Maintain weight. I am scared of being fat and I’ve gained a bit last year. I ate mindlessly the whole year. 😦

#6. And the last one.. Stay  away from negative people. I want to stay happy and live a happy life.

Well, i don’t have a big list of resolutions. Do share with me if you have any new year resolutions.



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