3 good things about today:

1. Thank God!! Its not raining today. I don’t hate rain but this time it was raining continuously for more then 30 hrs 😦 I was stuck inside the house and was feeling restless and also was feeling worried for nothing. :/ Don’t know why? 😦

2. I am not feeling sick anymore when i woke up this morning.:D 😀 I was not well for last one week.
Now i am planning to go to the market today. It is Holi festival on 6th of march and have to do so much of preparations. Have to make “Gujiya”(sweet dish). I need to buy a lot of stuff like colours, sweets, Thandai, balloons (holi balloons) etc.

 Holi Balloons


3. Flowers flowers everywhere. 🙂 Flowers make me smile big.


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