champu ji copyHello dear friends,

This is my first time for the Liebster award and I am feeling great to be nominated for my first blogger award. I was nominated by “Falguni” . Check out her blog. She has got wonderful beauty secrets and home-made solutions.

So now onto the tag!


  1. Link back to the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for the nominees.
  5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

Falguni’s questions:

1.When and why you started your blog?
– I started this blog in september 2014. I am building a platform for my dream business through blogging. I want to open a fashion and art studio in near future. I want to introduce handmade items and want to promote Indian artisans. Well, it is just a beginning. Also, I am introducing my brand name and products through this blog slowly. I am writing about indian fashion, indian arts and crafts and some other stuff. Also want to sell some hand made items through this.

2.Other than blogging what you do?
– Love creativity and create things out of waste. Other then this i am a home maker.

3.Do you think blogging as making money concept?
– Yes, it is.

4.Advice you would like to give for beginners in blogging.
– Do something interesting and try to write about it. Stay focused and write write write. Always try to reply to your comments.

5.what is your dream for which you are working hard to achieve it?
– To open my fashion and art studio and run it successfully.

6.the biggest achievement in your life?
– To finish a project/an order from New York on time for 3 bridal lehengas and one sherwani and other home decor items. And earned a nice amount. 😉

7.Who is your role model?
– My parents you are making money for your living?
– Running a small boutique from home. Sell suits (daily wear and party wear), sarees(party wear), and other creative hand made things from home or internet. Not many people know about my boutique and work.

9.Blogging or YouTube videos what would you like to do?
– Blogging

10.where you want to see your blog after one year?
– With lots of likes and lots of comments.

11.One thing you can not live without?
– Internet

I nominate:

Art Wardrobe:



Fangirling Owl:

The Summer Rain:

Blushes & Sparkle:

Creative Me:

Arti Sandhu:


Shopping in stilettos:

Through the lanes:

Your questions:

1. List 5 places you want to visit.

2. What are your favorite patterns?

3. What do you blog about?

4. What really scares you?

5. Name 3 sites online that you love.

6. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

7. Money or Love?

8. What is your newest purchase?

9. The meaning behind your blog name?

10. What do you collect?

11. How are you making money for your living?


Hope you enjoyed reading it and looking forward to reading your responses too.









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