So, for next 30 days I am not going to have sugar…. I mean direct sugar at all, no Sweet’s, no cakes, no chocolates, no halwa… And no milk tea.

Yes I am addicted to tea. I am always ready to have tea and at any time..

As per my routine, First thing in the morning is I have strong tea/coffee with milk and strong sugar.. And not only one cup, It’s 2or 3 cups and most of the times its mug in the morning… And then one cup tea after lunch and then two more cups tea in the evening… Also I eat any sweet thing after dinner like halwa, chocolate, any mithai, and if nothing sweet is available then I eat one spoon sugar… I know its bad. :/ and because of this bad habit I am gaining weight slowly. And I am really worried.

So, for next one month I am trying to break this habit of consuming sweet things, sweet milk tea/coffee and will opt for green tea or black coffee without milk and sugar.

One cup in the morning and one cup in the evening…

Let’s see if I can do that for next 30 days.

Take care


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