Sometimes we want to eat something different and “hat ke” from regular food like daal, rice, roti, vegetables and all. My husband  always makes “farmaaish”/demand to make something different for evening snack. And I experiment with food. 😉

Well, a few days back i tried to make this schezwan onion roll. And it turns out really tasty. It’s very simple, quick and easy to make.

Step 1: Make a Paratha and apply one full spoon of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney on that.

Step 2: Now put thinly sliced onion. Arrange it properly on one side.
Step 3: Add jalapeno pepper

Step 4: Now make a roll and eat it up.

Trust me.. it tastes yumm. I make it often for my husband as he love the taste of onion like anything…

For making this Roll i used Ching’s schezwan chutney, American garden’s jalapeno pepper, Onion and Paratha.

It’s very simple and quick to make. Do try it and tell me how you like the taste.



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