Do you like Maggi noodles? I simply love it and can have it any time. The recipe which I am going to share today, i learned it from my mom.

Give your Maggi a healthy twist. Try making it my way. Below is the recipe with pictures. I am making it for one person only…  And that’s me. Heheee 🙂


One packet of Maggi, one small chopped onion, one small potato, half small carrot, a fist full of green peas, one small tomato, and coriander as much you like. Cut/ chop your vegetables the way you want.


Now, let’s start making it. Take some oil in a pan and add a pinch of jeera when the oil is hot.


Then add onion immediately.


Cook onion for 3 mins. Then add a pinch of garam masala, 2-3 pinches of salt, one pinch of red chilly powder, and 4-5 pinched of coriander powder. ( *pinch made with thumb and two fingers 😉 )


Now add chopped tomato and cook it for 2 mins.


Add all the chopped vegetables except green coriander.


And cook it on low flame for 10-12 mins, covered with lid, till all the vegetables are cooked.


Now add 1.5 cups of water into it + 1 maggie + 1pkt. Maggi masala provided with maggi.


Cook it oh high flame till the water disappear. Add chopped coriander.


Turn the cooked Maggi into a bowl and enjoy.


I am sure you will love it.

Do share your views and your style of Maggi recipe.



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